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I had a wonderful deep tissue massage! Theresa Bonnette was awesome! I left feeling like a new person! Thank you so much! I wish that I didnt live so far away. But, every time I come to Galveston, I will be sure to book another appointment. I did not want to leave.

~Leah Hammer

I just had the most amazing massage ever! Theresa Bonnette is exceptional. So knowledgeable and a miracle worker!

~Victoria Snee

Today I enjoyed an 80 minute therapeutic deep tissue massage with Theresa! It was soooo amazing! I literally felt like a new woman when I left! Thank you so much for helping my muscles release the stress i had been carrying around for way too long!

~Kimberly B.

I met Theresa a year and a half ago and I am overly satisfied with the job she does for me. I suffer from nerve damage in my neck which runs straight down my arms and back. Theresa takes the time to get to know how "your" own body works and then performs "heaven". She is very kind and sweet person and she has a client in me as long as she works. Thanks Theresa!

~Linda Pratt~


Theresa is a true professional! I have had many massages but none have been as good as hers. She modifies the massage to meet your needs and pressure level. I wanted a deep tissue massage and she delivered. The massage was deep yet tender where and when needed. The community lost a wonderful massage therapist when she relocated and if I could afford it I'd fly down weekly.

~Ron Harvey~

Mansfield, Ohio


I've gotten plenty of massages from Theresa, and I continue to see her as my therapist. She's really good and knows exactly what she is doing. I fully intend to continue following her wherever she may work. As good therapists are hard to find. She has years of practice and the skills to prove it!

~Lucero Molina~


I have muscle and joint disease that is very painful and has been life changing. I have seen more doctors than I can say and have tried all kinds of treatments to help my disease. Unfortunately I am unable to get much relief from all the medicines and treatments I have done. I have learned to manage my pain and symptoms for the most part, one of those ways that helps give me some relief is Neuromuscular Therapy. I have had hundreds of massages, while it was relaxing and nice they never really helped my deep muscle pain and problems. One day after a massage I was complaining and someone suggested that I try Neuromuscular Therapy, in which is how I found Theresa. All I can say is: I was so happy after my first visit that I had with her, that I cried. Finally someone was able to help me with the horrible deep pain that I have. Her training and willingness to listen to me and to find out the best way to help me has been incredible. I would encourage anyone to try out her services, and see if she can help you become a happier and healthier person. She is amazing at what she does, and for that I am very thankful. 

~Liz Aga~

League City, Texas


Theresa is a good Massage Therapist. I always come out of the massage session feeling so much better then when I first walked in. Not to mention she's good people! :-)



When I first met Theresa, I was really hurting with both joint and muscle pain. This had been going on for years. Through different doctors and countless massages. Theresa was the only one that went the root of my pain and released the trigger points of the muscles, so they would relax and relieve the pain. I see her whenever I need pain relief. Thanks Theresa!



I had a wonderful experience with Theresa Bonnette. She made my body feel alive again. She is the best Neuromuscular Therapist I have been to. I'm a welder so my back is always hard at work. I would recommend if you want your body to feel alive again, then you should give her a call. Her work is well worth it!



I went into this session needing to work out the knots and resolve some mobility issues. Theresa did an excellent job of helping to resolve those issues. I feel less tension and a lot more range of motion.

~Shawn F.~


Massage by Theresa was by far the best yet! I am very satisfied with her.

~Lou K.~


Theresa specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and works on problem areas in ways you would not expect from a regular Massage Therapist. As a result, stiffness, loss of range of motion and pain are all made better after one visit. My quality of life has improved. Limitations that I thought were from getting older (I'm 62) were just the real result of normal everyday activities such as computer work, driving, etc.., Now these issues are addressed and corrected with lasting results.

~Don S.~


I received an ultimate massage from Theresa! I'm usually always tense in my shoulder area and she made sure she worked out my tense pressure points!! If you are looking for an intense great massage, this is the place to service you.

~Nikita H.~


I came to this facility and had Theresa Bonnette as my Massage Therapist. She was awesome. My experience was so spectacular, Theresa made sure that she focused on key parts of my body that were achy and tight. She was very knowledgeable and professional. I loved every minute of my massage and was so relieved afterwards. She's great and I will be returning. Thank you Theresa!

~Mallory Patterson~


Theresa was awesome. She gave me a very good massage. My muscles feel light and reborn. She does a very good deep tissue massage and I am very happy to recommend her.

~Samantha M.~


Theresa is amazing! She really concentrated on my problem areas and worked out some gnarly kinks in my shoulders and back. Her technique also improved my posture immediatley. I will definitely be coming back to see her again. 



Theresa Bonnette gave me the most interesting massage I've ever had. She is a trained Neuromuscular Therapist. I had tight, achy shoulders etc.. This was no pat down massage, she worked so HARD and she also explained everything that was being done. This is not what i initially expected, but so glad it was done. POSITIVE RESULTS!! I will return!

~Kathy Carlisle~


This was by far the best massage that I have ever received in my life. Theresa was awesome! I would totally see her again!

~J. H.~


Theresa has healing hands. I had been dealing with lower back pain with OTC meds and Chiropractors with NO relief. After a couple of sessions with Theresa my pain was gone. I would greatly recommend the Neuromuscular Therapy Massage.



THERESA IS AWESOME! As a result of many hours of radiation for cancer, I have alot of issues with my neck and shoulders. Theresa's neuromuscular Therapy has given me pain relief and also has increased my range of motion for the first time in the last 9 years. My Ball Hawgs basketball team played 9 games in 4 days at the 2015 Senior Games. I felt just as good at the end of the tournament as i did in the first game. Btw......We won Silver Medal. Yeah Theresa!!

~Greg Layton~


Thank you for being there as my massage professional. I consider you to be a very loving and diligent therapist. Your training and expertise had been an invaluable aid to my recovery from two work-related injuries.

~Jody M. Lewis, L.M.T.


As soon as I walked into Theresa's office, she could tell the main issues I was having. through her advanced Neuromuscular Therapy training and experience, she was able to tailor my massage to best fit my needs. Through monthly visits, my periodic severe neck pain which started hurting a couple of years after a vehicle accident, occurs much less often, and is much much less painful. Also, reaching items on high shelves is now much easier. I definitely highly recommend Theresa Bonnette!

~Karen Whatley~


"She is a committed, highly skilled and compassionate healer. Theresa focuses on the body, spirit, and mind.....all for a healthier client.She varies her techniques to respect the current needs of your body. We all reap benefits from her blessed skill and care."






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