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Bonnette Neuromuscular Therapy & Bodywork's purpose is to help people improve their overall quality of life. This is accomplished by providing effective massage techniques, blended with stretching, the use of soothing herbal therapy and heating pads, (applied to the face, neck, and back). The goal is to discover the root source of perpetuating problems, caused from forming bad postural habits, trauma, surgery, car accidents and repetitive strain injury. Once recognized we can help to keep these issues from returning, advise other alternatives and specific stretches that pertain to your particular lifestyle and needs.


It is my hope to improve the lives of each and every one of my clients, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


I am convinced that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the nurturing of one's own body, mind and ruach/spirit.


~Theresa Bonnette~


Theresa A. Bonnette, LMT, NMT, NCBTMB,  License # MT112586 

Theresa Bonnette

Theresa is a 2005 graduate from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, Columbus, Ohio. She also had received an additional year and a half massage therapy training from North Central State College Mansfield, Ohio. She maintains her massage therapy license in Ohio, Texas and also Nationally Board Certified, License # 593557-10. She is a member of NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork) and also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).


Theresa has over 18 years of experience and continued Education, her training includes, Swedish massage, reflexology, prenatal massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, postural assessment, pin and stretch, positional release, scar release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, ear candling, stretching, CPR and First Aid.

Chronic back pain was the blessing in disguise that brought her to her first Neuromuscular Therapy massage session. After her first therapy session the symptoms and pain were gone. This also planted the seed of pursuing a career in the field of massage. 

Theresa approaches the bodywork done on her clients from a holistic philosophy: the mind, body, spirit combined to make the entire person. Where there is imbalance your body will not function at its optimal potential. She is committed to continuing her education and furthering her career to best assist her clientele. Her knowledge combined with her passion for massage is tailored for each client to suite your particular needs. Her clients can trust that they are being served by a professional whose practices are aligned with the national standard and go way beyond what an entry level massage therapist can provide.


Theresa offers a vast knowledge of the body, intuitive hands, palpation skills and a desire to create change to all that come for help. She has a passion for being a "soft tissue detective" and this radiates through in her treatments as she seeks to solve the problem and the source of pain. Her mission is to guide you towards pain-free living using thorough assessment, precise treatment and excellent service.


             or         for your appointment today. (409) 443-5330


Meet The Team

Everett Bonnette

Everett Bonnette

As a Massage Therapist my goal for my clients is to help improve their overall quality of life by providing professional care and treatment. Having received different forms of physical therapy myself due to injuries I found how diverse and beneficial Massage Therapy is. Providing relief for both pain and stress for my clients with the techniques at my fingertips is my mission.

Massage Therapist

Chris Bonnette II

I have always been interested in learning about the body and mind, and discovering natural ways to facilitate healing. As a massage therapist I endeavor to provide each client with a comfortable, therapeutic, and relaxing experience

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